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Ron Griffis – Owner

Ron Griffis was born in Miami, FL to the parents of Othma Arlie & Lillian Griffis.  Ron obtained his entrepreneurial spirit and his work ethic from working with his father in his successful Hardware & Paint Manufacturing businesses.   It was during these early years that Ron knew he wanted to own a business.  While managing his father’s businesses, he was exposed to the many challenges and successes of owning a business, and it was during these formidable years that Ron developed his work ethic of working hard and providing honest service to his customers.  These traits that he learned have become the cornerstone of his character.  It was during this time that Ron began to get involved in racing.  He was an accomplished automobile mechanic for many years, and he learned that if he could couple his love for racing with his mechanical aptitude, he could be successful.  Ron married his high school sweetheart, Sharon Ray, in 1978, and soon after, they welcomed their first child Cherissa Griffis in 1981.  Like any great father, Ron put his dreams on hold while he supported his new family.  In early 1991, Ron decided to take the plunge, and start his own business, Innovative Chassis Works.  It didn’t take very long for him to develop a sound reputation in the racing circuit.  He quickly ramped up and began designing and building Dragsters, Funny Cars, and other Racing Chassis.  Ron was quickly making a name for himself in this very competitive market.  It did not take long for Ron to start competing and winning with NHRA, at both Regional and National events.  Recently, Ron has designed and fabricated several NHRA race cars, which include Top Alcohol Dragster, Top Alcohol Funny Car, and Top Dragster.  His inventories of race cars have been in constant demand, as he has often leased out his cars to many well-known race teams.  These teams have achieved success due to the proven design.  Ron’s passion for racing is strong and he is constantly challenging his team and himself as he prepares for the many races in the future.